We do Make a Good Impression!

Now you can get personalized fabrics that suit your projects and ideas, by printing them from digital to artistic mediums.

With our innovative methods we offer unique solutions in the Textile business that open new possibilities to all creators. 

Digital Printing Services

Inkjet Impressions - Reactive Dyes

We work with wide-format inkjet printers, allying  photographic results with the chromatic power of reactive dyes. See our fabric catalog here.

We work with any file formats, such as: .tiff, .pdf, etc... The files are exclusive responsibility and client property.

Since the quality of our work is intimately connected to the quality of the delivered files, special attention to their good execution is advised. See our recommendations here.

Cultural Merchandising

We work with Museums, Tourist Shops, Hotel Shops, Boutiques and Luxury Brands

We develop unique projects, working directly with our clients, creating together new ideas to suit their shops and business needs.

Interior Design & Architecture 

We work with Interior Designers and Architects 

This is a service available to those who wish to leave a signature on their projects in a creative and personalized way. 

From Decorative Fabrics to Home Textiles, you can now personalize all kinds of items, making your projects unique and innovative.

Fashion & Accessories 

We work with Designers and/or directly to 

Boutiques and Stores in the Fashion Business

We work with Designers, Producers and Ateliers, developing projects together. From Children's Clothing to Men and Women's Fashion and even Accessories. 

We offer a unique creative tool in the textile area that narrows the relation between creators and their work.

Sewing, Manufacture and Finishing Services 

We simplify the process for our clients by delivering these services

In order to answer our clients' requests we have made this service available in partnership with several workshops. 

All the requests are evaluated and budgeted based on models, molds, and/or other evaluation elements necessary.