Price List

Fabrics for Digital Printing

White Canvas  100% White Cotton

Ref: 2509 - Printing Width: 1,5mt  



Canvas Natural Color 100% Cotton Natural Color

Ref: 2509 DES - Printing Width: 1,5mt



White Canvas 100% White Cotton        

Ref: 2510 - Printing Width: 1,5mt  



Cotton Twill 100% White Cotton

Ref: 242 - Printing Width: 1,5mt



Twill Natural Color 100% Cotton Natural Color

Ref: 114 DES - Printing Width: 1,4mt



Panama  100% White Cotton

Ref: C801 - Printing Width: 1,3mt



Cotton Satin   100% White Cotton

Ref: 3260 - Printing Width: 1,40mt



Cotton Voile   100% White Cotton

Ref: 1143 - Printing Width: 1,30mt



Silk Cotton Satin 70% Cotton / 30% Silk

Ref: SD1033 - Printing Width: 1,30mt 



Cotton Silk Voile   70% Cotton / 30% Silk

Ref: SD1150 - Printing Width: 1,25mt



Crepe Silk   100% Silk

Ref: SD1155 - Printing Width: 1,30mt



Satin Silk 12   100% Silk

Ref: SD1151 - Printing Width: 1,30mt



Satin Silk 16   100% Silk

Ref: SD 1159 - Printing Width: 1,30mt



Silk Twill 14   100% Silk

Ref: SD1194 - Printing Width: 1,30mt



Indian Dupion   100% Silk

Ref: ADG 1006 - Printing Width: 1,30mt



Chinese Dupion   100% Silk

Ref: ADG 1002 - Printing Width: 1,30mt



Taffeta Silk   100% Silk

Ref: AD 11328 - Printing Width: 1,30mt



White Linen   100% Linen

Ref: LI3051 - Printing Width: 1,40mt



Cotton/Linen Natural Color  53% Linen / 47% Cotton

Ref: LC0702 - Printing Width: 1,40mt



White Cotton/Linen   50% Linen /50% Cotton

Ref: 3001 - Printing Width: 1,40mt



Minimum Printing Amount

We print a minimum of 5 linear mt per material/fabric. 

Quantity Discounts

To the amounts described in this section, apply the following discounts to the values of consumption, in linear meters, starting from:

20 mt   Apply a 10%  discount to the value in the price list

30 mt   Apply a 15%  discount to the value in the price list

50 mt   Apply a 20% discount to the value in the price list

Notes, Terms & Conditions

VAT taxes not included.

The prices shown above include both fabric and printing costs 

The prices shown above refer to unitary values ( linear meters ).

All the items are subject to stock confirmation.

The files and their quality results are exclusive responsibility of the client. See our recommendations here.

Our fabrics are resistant to washing machines.

The reactive dyes used in our prints are not resistant to UV radiation.

The number of images, files and colors you print will not influence the final price.

Shipping and delivery costs not included.

When printing in two separate batches, a slight variation in colors might occur.

For technical reasons we do not print in fabrics provided by our clients.

Production Timing: 4 / 5 Weeks + Transportation / Delivery

Payment Conditions: On demand.